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Proactive can supply a endless stream of different entertainment and entertainers.  We have been collecting awesome entertainers and entertainment to join the Proactive events family for the last 20 years.  So the entertainment is vast and forever changing.  We can supply the very best in exciting entertainment.  We have also split the entertainment into Proactives own unique categories for easy to find the exact type of entertainment you are looking for.

keith silent disco.jpg

one 2 one

Every event and party need  a discreet piece of entertainment or entertainer who wows you when  engaged and is in the background when you are focussed on another element of the event.

one 2 one Entertainment and Entertainers aimed at individuals are exactly for this reason.


This entertainment and entertainers are aimed at small groups.  capturing the group with rapport and excitement.  The impact of a entertainer or entertainment to a small group adds atmosphere and conversation and helps with the whole events ambiance.

The Max

Aimed at everyone in the room. entertainment and entertainers who work with the large groups and everyone at the party or event as a whole.  Shows, Music, Talks and workshops.  Everyone in the room participates and joins as a whole group experience.  High in atmosphere involving everyone and creating a room with atmosphere and excitement.

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