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Our Photobooths are kept up to date with the latest technologies and the highest of qaulity equipment. Starting with the frame and shape through to the colour and texture of the skins to fit your event. Even have your own skins printed with a logo or a brand. Unlimited personalised prints, the best quality props and other services such as key rings, t-shirts, fridge magnets to name a few. Also use other fun entertainment as video messaging, Karaoke and not forgetting the wonderful green screen technology. Book from 2 hours or for the length of the party. Include a guest book. A fantastic piece of entertainment which with photos insure wonderful memories. Staffed by a fantastic event team member to insure a great time had by all. 


Deluxe LED Casino Table

These deluxe ALL LED casino tables bring a wow factor to any event. Glowing from top to bottom making them look like they are made of ice brings this fun entertainment a new sleeck stylish look on the traditional tables. Staffed by our professional croupiers who run and teach the games on the table. It is a fantastic, head turning "add on" piece of entertainment for your event. 


Graffiti Wall

U.F.O. BATAK REACTION GAME is awesome for upto 8 players. Time limited reaction game where individuals have to hit as many lights as they can within the time. Using sound and lights to let you know who is in the lead, each person has a bright led time and score indicator. This original and exciting piece of entertainment keeps them coming back for more. It has quick changeovers so is a lovely "Add on" for your event. 


Giant Football Table

Tablefootball or Foosball Table is an easy piece of entertainment to have in a room for guests to play. Everyone loves this game and can have a number of people playing at any onetime. We at proactive hate ques! so anything that keeps people moving around and playing short and quick games always works. Great atmosphere is know with this fun, easy and light hearded old school game, brilliant at any function, event or party. 


Casino Table

Casino tables are a great "add on" for your event. Balckjack and Roulette being the favourites. Quicker games meaning more guests can enjoy the fun. Staffed by our professional croupiers helping to also teach the games to those guests who have not played before. This entertainment is a great additional fun element to any event. 



Snookball. This is a great piece of kit for your event. It is a cross between Football and Snooker. This is great for all ages and caters for small groups. Using the white football (cue ball) you need to pot the other coloured balls by kicking and aiming at the pockets. This game has a quick change around so no one is waiting long,. also there are games which can be played to involve a the whole group of players at one time. What a fantastic piece of entertainment to 'Add On' to a football themed or any other type of event 

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RC Track

The mini-racer RC race track. This is a great piece of entertainment which allows 6-10 people to participate at any one time. Using the specially made track this can be made to any size and shape. It is easily adapted to fit in your event space. Using our wonderful proactive pit crew to run the event but also to run the special software which allows us to have time laps, races and different timed trials, allows us to do so much more than just cars on a track. The driver is is full control over these profession RC racing cars. These cars are fast and need great control, so the pit crew will help them and teach them to master this fantastic additional piece of entertainment for your event. Great fun for all types of events 


Table Top Electric Games

A large variety of table top electronic games.  

Reaction, memory, timing, speed all skills to be used when playing these fun everchanging games.

These games are great for competing with friends and groups to see if you can be yourself and others.

These games are easy to install and move and give endless fun to all ages.


LED Casino Table

Beautiful LED Casino tables. You can have these two glowing casino tables at your event to add that extra pizazz. The Blackjack and Roulette tables are staffed by our wonderful professional croupiers that will of course do what croupiers do, but will also help you learn the fun games. These tables are exactly for that reason, they are for FUN and all guests of all ages can enjoy playing the game. 

Fire Performance


Close up magic is always a great "Add on" at parties. Magician's can mix and mingle with your guests and show some mind-blowing magic, which will leave a lasting impression. Forget elaborate props, stages or special settings - Our Magician's won't interrupt the flow of your event, it will certainly provide the Ultimate Magical Experience....A perfect way to ensure your guests have a magical and unforgettable evening.


Giant Scalextric

Remebering when we were young reciving our first set. Sadly never worked as well!! But have a professional Scalextrics at your event is a awesome extra for the party or event. Upto 8 cars on a track being run by our track master!! They comentate, time laps and run races. This piece of entertainment is awesome! Kids and big kids will love the fun it brings and maybe even a little competition! 



A large choice of inflatable entertainment for all ages.

Bronco balls, Assault course, Total wipe out style entertainment, last man standing and many many more.....

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