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Body Art

A excellent Add On entertainment for guests big and small are the body artists and Tattooists they will decorate the guests bodies with colour and design. There are many variations of this and all of our artists are professional makeup and body artists



A very popular "Add on" that caters for everyone is our amazing Caricaturists . We have some of the best artists in the country, They can create funny works of art in minutes. Some of our artists draw digitally and print out or email on the night, others will do it as a badge, or we can stick with tradition. A hand drawn ink to paper drawing for you to take home. Do we have a selection YES of course we do!! all of them with different expertise and pricing. 

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Graffiti Wall

Digital graffiti wall is just like doing the real thing without vandalising property.  Use interactive spray cans and pens to create and draw on our digital wall.  Print on paper and t-shirts or email to yourself, friends and family.

A great piece of entertainment of a creative nature


Balloon Modelling

Having a professional balloon modeller at your event will make it an event to be remembered. Our fantastic Balloon modeller's are the best in the business, they can create cute balloon animals, extravagant balloon hats, huge display balloon sculptures, balloon centre pieces. They can make anything out of balloons why not give them something really hard to make. 



Similar to Caricaturists these Silhouettes create stunning works of art from only a pair of scissors and a piece of black card. Cutting the shape and profile of your guests to perfection. This is an art form and is a great favour or gift for your guests to take home. 

Arcade DK


Retro arcade game or the latest in gaming technology.  Individual games or full gaming buses covering all types of games.

Simulators, virtual reality, retro arcade games, computer consoles.  All run by our trained technicians and gamers running competitions or just for fun.  This entertainment is great for all ages including the big kids too.


Graffitti Artist

We have some excellent graffiti artists who do some fantastic designs not only on caps but also t-shirts, trousers, bandannas. All you need to do is provide them with a name and then watch as they create you something unique to take home with you. It doesn't have to be done on the night maybe you would like them done in advance or on a canvas. Maybe even as centre pieces or a signing board. There are many ways you can enjoy this artform... 

Fire Performance


Close up magic is always a great "Add on" at parties. Magician's can mix and mingle with your guests and show some mind-blowing magic, which will leave a lasting impression. Forget elaborate props, stages or special settings - Our Magician's won't interrupt the flow of your event, it will certainly provide the Ultimate Magical Experience....A perfect way to ensure your guests have a magical and unforgettable evening.



Be submersed in a virtual reality and be taken on a ride.  Whether a roller coaster or a haunted mansion this 4d virtual experience is a great wow piece of entertainment for all.

2 participants being entertained at any one time with the most up to date technology, graphics, sound and movement.

This is a great piece of individual entertainment.

Flower Princess
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