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The Disco or Band is the engine of your event. They drive your event! Our DJs dont just stand there and play music. They do as much or as little as you need or want. The DJ controls the atmosphere, tempo, running of the event, they toastmaster and MC. They are the centre of the your event. They also play music. Using the latest equipment, lighting, technology and have access to many types and genre of music to suit your wants and needs. But before any of this happens and before our DJs presents the most amazing event we make sure than we know exactly what and when all aspects of the evening will take place. Putting together a full timing, running order and Itinerary so that all guests including the hosts get to enjoy their evening, leaving everything to us. Our DJs Are so much more.creating the perfect atmosphere, presenting a perfect plan, setting the perfect scene and playing the perfect music. It can only be a awesome event! 


Circus Fun

Circus Fun is a great 'add On' or filler for any event. Our fabulous entertainers will teach and lead skills like Juggling, Diablo, Scarves, Devil & Flower Sticks, Yoyos and Balloon Modelling. Circus Fun can cater for all ages and any number of guests can join in. We feel it is excellent having this type of entertainment for short bursts. Either in between courses of a meal, during a drinks reception or as a 'Come and Go' type entertainment where you guests can have a short play but then move on to something else



Singers are great as a stand alone entertainer to all.  Singing from backing tracks for a small intimate affair or for a section of an event as a much larger affair.  Combine the singer with a great dj, bringing live and recorded together.  Maybe you want a small, medium or large band full of vocalists and live musicians.  All available when using proactive events and speaking to our team will help you decide the best action for your event, party or affair.



You may already know that you have a great crowd, your friends and family may be party animals and you may think that dancers are not needed. Some people like dancers for their stage presence, some people want dancers for an insurance that everyone will party. They motivate, achieve great rapport and are just FUN to have. We have a great range of dancers for all events. It is a fantastic add on entertainment to accompany a D.J. or Band or of course the D.J. Live package. 

Maybe you want a show, maybe acts throughout the evening, it could be a surprise.  you may want street dancers, mingle dancers, belly dancers, dramatic and themed dancers.

no matter the type of dance or how that dance is presented.


DJ Live

Having difficulties choosing between a band and a DJ well why not have both!! Have our fabulous live musicians working alongside our great DJs. Our DJs and Musicians work on many events and parties together. They work hand in hand seperately and together throughout the event and with a huge range of music. Its's the best of both worlds between live and recorded music. So choose from your DJ, Singers, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Drummers, Violinists and guitarists, the combinations are endless..... 


Drum Workshop

A drumming workshop is a fantastic way of breaking up a event to get the whole group to participle[ate.  African drumming workshop can elevate a themed events, music lovers , something different and also a a great accompaniment to a DJ or band as a little extra.


Entertainers/ Acts

Having a character or entertainer moving around a venue is a great way to incorporate everyone in the room, helps with theming and also give everyone something to focus on during a event while enjoying all other elements around the event space.  It is not constant so gives the guests a chance to dip in and out of the entertainment


keith silent disco.jpg

Silent Disco

Silent disco is music played through multiple channels and unlimited number of wireless radio head sets. Silent disco has become a popular entertainment either stand alone or as a 'Add On' to any event. We love to use the silent disco as a filler, used over a sit down dinner when you want your guests to enjoy their meal without having to shout over the loud music but also for those guests that love to party, dance and do their thing. Silent disco can also help when you want a real mix of music and want to give your guests music choice. Silent disco is also a great way to extent a party without any sound or time restrictions. Plus it is just great FUN! Especially to those over lookers without the headsets "Very Funny" 

Fire Performance


Close up magic is always a great "Add on" at parties. Magician's can mix and mingle with your guests and show some mind-blowing magic, which will leave a lasting impression. A stage show can incorporate guests and can act as a great Segway between course or element so of a day or evening function it will certainly provide the Ultimate Magical Experience....A perfect way to ensure your guests have a magical and unforgettable evening.

decembr 2013 503.jpg


Having a show during a event is a fantastic way to have everyones attention.  it helps with the theme of a event and also with such a large variety of shows created from comedy, dance, story, using visual and sound technology.  The list of show has no limit with a endless supply of  styles and content with  exciting and unique visions  can make every events show tailormade.

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