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We have been providing children’s services, coaching, holiday camps, parties and events for over 15 years. Bespoke children’s parties, School events, corporate events, private parties  and celebrations.

We have grown from having a bag of equipment working on our own to providing a huge range of equipment and entertainment, including an awesome group of loyal entertainers with unique and wonderful skills. This means that we pride ourselves in providing the best in entertainment and in creating innovative new ideas for all types of celebrations to continue to grow as a business but also change and adapt to the industry, times, trends and of course for the clients and customers who come to us for originality.  

At the end of the day enjoyment and fun is the name of the game. Always ring us as you never know the full range of help we can provide until you speak to a member of our party team. Our staff are fully trained, are all fully insured, CRB checked; some are teachers, coaches or full time entertainers. We always provide the very best and remain personable throughout as it is important to the success of an event. We look forward to speaking with you and helping to arrange your event on that special occasion. 

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