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Our professional dancers are also entertainers. 

Which is great for fun, atmosphere and partying while learning dance moves and routines, competitions and games.

This party can be partnered with disco parties for that added wow and any of the pamper and sleepover options.

Dancers can be catered to party requirements from street dancing, break dancing and cheer leading.

We have you covered!!


Disco with Dancer

DJ and Dancer make a great double act.

Dancer worries about the dancing and DJ leads and plays the music.

Brining comedy, activities and 2 sets of skills makes this party a deluxe package

Competition, routines, prizes and a full disco and lighting package.

Suitable and adapted for all ages.


Sleepover Parties

Our dancer entertainers are perfect for smaller groups.

They are able to adapt and change activities, games, dances to fit the group or space at the party.

They are like having another friend at the party.

Our dancer entertainers will bring the music, plans and also great to watch over the guests while they are their.


Dance Teacher

Dancer entertainer will come with music and teach, lead and dance with the guests.

Different dancer entertainers have different specialist dance types.  This means the party can be adapted to suit all needs.

Suitable for all ages, male or female dancer entertainers available


Cheerleading Party

The Cheerleading entertainer will bring the pom poms, music and routines.

The guests will learn dances, acro balances, chants and cheers.

Including games and activities, this is a great dance party with a difference.  Suitable for all ages and adapted to suit.


Dance Mingler

The mingle dancers are their to participate and join in with the guests, leading by example and dancing themselves.

These dancers work well with larger events or when theirs a lot going on. 

These entertainers are a special added extra to help get people/ guests partying.

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