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Everyone can still celebrate by watching and joining in with the beautiful Simcha.

  • Broadcast to friends and family

  • 1 - 3 camera set up

  • Microphones

  • Video Technician

  • Live Video Editing

  • MC/ Host

  • Quizzes, Disco, Entertainment


Call or email the team!

Video Camera


After broadcasting the beautiful simcha celebrate more with

  • virtual quizzes,

  • music and games.

  • Bespoke  full virtual Event 

  • Props/Lighting

Give us a call to find out more.

TV Screens


No matter the Covid guidelines in place there is always a perfect entertainer for every occasion. Take a look at the entertainment page or even better give us a call! Singers, Magicians, Balloonists, Acts, Comedians, Caricaturists and many many more



There are many types of entertainment which can be delivered to a venue, house or garden. Entertainment can be staffed or unstaffed dependent on the covid guidelines in place at the time.

Look at the entertainments page and see the wide range of fantastic entertainment.


Latest Solution

Having a lunch!

Allowed tables of 6

Each table is being entertained by a social distanced entertainer.

Circus skills and magic workshops.

Each table has their own equipment to play and learn

Each table have fun tasks around the table throughout the lunch.

Tables can not mix and are all separated at a further distance

Host playing music and leading speeches

Separate microphones for each speech.

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