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Not all kids want to jump around, dance or watch, some kids love to get involved by doing something a little less active but very creative.


so why not try one of our more creative arty parties which can involve arts and crafts, drama or story telling. These parties above are just to name a few of the parties you could have.


We created these parties on the request of parents and can do so for you. 

Paper Craft

Arts& Craft Party

Our Fun Arts entertainer will help, show and teach by leading a of arts and crafts.

  • Endless list of choices

  • All Ages

  • Inside and out

  • Tables and Chairs

  • Everything supplied

  • Pre ordered craft choices


Learn to Draw

One of artist entertainers will lead the group in different ways to draw and sketch.

  • Animation or reality

  • Endless Choices

  • Add on or Stand alone

  • All inclusive

  • All ages

  • Colour or Black and White

  • Shading

  • Multiple techniques

Teddy Bear

Build A Bear

Always popular with all guests. our build a bear entertainer will

  • Play games

  • Help stuff and close teddy

  • Lots of choices

  • Interact and entertain

  • Help Name

  • Great add on or stand alone


Make up/ Body Art

One of our fabulous beautician entertainers show

  • Make up techniques 

  • How to apply paint to skin

  • Add on with another party

  • All inclusive

  • Skin friendly products

  • Everything supplied

  • Smaller groups

Raw Clay

Clay Party

Our clay moulding entertainer will

  • Supply clay, aprons & tools

  • Paint and Decorate

  • Inside or Outside

  • All Ages

  • Smaller Groups

  • Show some techniques


Drama Party

Our Drama entertainers will help our budding stars by

  • Drama games

  • Short Scripts

  • Performances

  • Dance

  • Costumes

  • All inclusive

  • All ages

  • Interactive Story Telling

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