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We all love to be visited by our favourite characters.

Based on favourite tv shows, movies and books our favourite characters  can come to your party, event and special occasion.

The special guest can visit on their own or as part of a party package.

call us or email us to ask us about a specific guest you require.


Disco with Character

Disco with a special favourite  character is a great way for the dj or entertainer to lead while the special character participates with the guests.

lees phone jan14 008.jpg

Themed Party

Have a party themed around a special character guest.

We can create a party with themeing and entertainment to match.

From decoration, lighting, furniture, activities, games.

Our party design team will be happy to help!


Character Visit

Invite a favourite character to your party. they can come to play for a bit, have photos taken and join in with the birthday cake or presentations.

samsung march 2013 007.JPG

Schools/ Fundraising

Walk about themed charachters and entertainers.

No matter the occasion, theme we have characters to fit the event.

The list is endless as we can create the mascot, charachter or entertainer you need.


Character Delivery

Have a special guest delivery a gift, cake or just to say Hi.

This is great for children and big kids too!

There is a endless supply of VIP guests so give us a call.

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