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Proactive Events specialize in All  elements and all types of events.  From the initial ideas and the journey through design, production and running of those parties and events. we supply entertainment for a variety of events and parties. One reason we are able to perform all this and more for such a  wide range of event types is that We have mastered it over many years.  We have experience in creating an array of events of all ages, situations and industries.  using  a multitude of material in a wide spectrum of entertainment styles. Whether you want us to provide our own bespoke package, or you have your own dream event for us to help create.

DJ Lights


We like to help bring your imagination, ideas, visions and dreams to a reality. We have many fantastic ways of running an amazing and special event. We like to grow your ideas using our Knowledge and many years of experience.

We can help from finding the perfect venue and location 

we can produce the theme and decoration 

We can organise and manage all aspects of the event

we can create the best entertainment packages

We can make a beautiful party no matter the requirements, whether a small boutique affair or a large lavish event. We will work with you to provide exactly what you want and need. We take pride in the personable touch you and your event will receive. We are dedicated to keeping every event unique and special. We love to create and use new innovative ideas in entertainment and to give you that bespoke touch to your super fantastic event.

Happy Kids

The changes in trends, tv and children themselves, help us to use our expertise to create, arrange and run the best parties. From traditional party entertainment, active creations, theming, characters and specialising in discos with personality. Our huge but close team of professional entertainers help us to provide everything you need and more importantly what your child would like; creating a bespoke party just for you and your child. 


Kids Playing Soccer


Keeping active is a essential part on being a child and a adult. Wellbeing, health and exercise physically and mentally. Proactive supply Coaches and staff who are trained in introducing children and adults to Sport, Exercise, Activities and Games.
proactive staff run courses and sessions in schools, venues, small groups at home and one2one sessions

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